Friday, September 25, 2009

Final year begins!

These are some colour roughs for my interpretive project on Good/Bad. It is meant to be nature versus man-made. I plan to do the final in watercolour. I am hoping to get feedback from my teacher on which one I should do and how I can change it... I am happy with these marker renditions though. I love Copic markers!! They are such a joy to draw with. The brush tip really feels like a paint brush. Art supplies make me giddy! :D


Gman said...

Emily, these are incredible! I ALWAYS love what you are capable of doing with ink and watercolor. These are great!!!

Em Soden said...

Thanks Giorgio!! These are actually done in markers! It looks really similar to watercolour though!

Amber Gail said...

This is so different from how I imagined! I was picturing a less defined car-shape. Are you done the finished piece(s)?