Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Couple of new paintings...

This was a great assignment. Total freedom. We could do whatever we wanted as long as it was self-directed. These faces are from a really old sketch of mine that I finally decided to remake. This is done in ink, watercolour (for the background) and gouache (for the faces). It was my first attempt at using gouache. I think I used it more like watercolour rather than the opaque way it can be used. It was really fun experimenting though.

This painting is a remake of a couple of old paintings, one called American Gothic and the other called In the Mowing. It was for an assignment about the nigerian scam emails that get sent out. This particular one involved a popular farmer in Zimbabwe who got killed so his family had to move to the Netherlands.
I had a really tough time with this assignment. Conceptually I really couldn't come up with anything interesting.
I had fun painting though.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More videos....

Here are a couple of other videos from last semester. Both are just 5 second experiments in After Effects. They were really fun to make. I want to expand on the Eyeball Tree one. Turn your speakers up for it, since the sound effects of the eyes are really subtle!!

Bird Love

This was a video I made last semester in Electronic Media class. I am still just learning to use After Effects. It is such an enormous program and opens up sooooo many possibilities! I want to do so much with it! When I get more free time I want to work on more videos. Giorgio and I have an idea for one together. He is going to do crazy voices for it! It is going to be such a fun project!

This semester I am working on a music video for one of my brother's songs. I am hoping to be able to finish it for class, but even if I don't get it done I will finish it for Kit. Here is a link to his music for anyone interested!! http://www.kitsoden.com/
The song is called "Tip of the Iceberg" and here is a poster I just made for class for it:


Trying to finish an essay and I keep horribly distracting myself. I can't believe how long it can take to write a simple essay. It should take me a few hours and instead it takes me a whole day since I write a few sentences and before I know it I am daydreaming of something or looking up something on the computer.

Time management. Still issue number one for me.

I can't decide what I want for coop. A new posting went up for an animation place that is looking for character designing and layout and background design. This would be a huge challenge but an inspiring one. I feel I could learn a lot from something like that. I don't know if I can meet the requirements though.
I am also torn about whether to go with a teaching placement. I have done a lot of teaching in my past. Starting from teacher's assistant, then running classes myself, to starting my own art camp one summer. I feel confident that I could get a job doing this again and I know it is approved as a related coop experience. I am just wondering if I would actually be pushing myself and learning while doing this. It could be a really good experience and maybe get my foot in the door for teaching in Toronto when I am done school, especially when I will be needing a decent job to support my art.

Decisions, decisions....

Here I am procrastinating some more by writing this post...

Ah well, it helps to take a bit of a break from attempting an essay...

I spent a good portion of the evening listening to some classical piano music, mainly Debussy and Satie. Their music is so inspiring and calming. I close my eyes and get carried away into other worlds while listening. Their music brings shivers to my spine it is so good.