Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer is flying by!

Summer is flying by! I am having such a blast. I am so grateful for the co-op I have, just getting to paint all the time. I have also had the greatest couple of weekends with first spending one at the cottage with Giorgio, just hanging out and reading and being peaceful and then the following weekend we spent three days at the Mariposa Festival in Orillia and stayed at a B&B there! What an amazing weekend that was with tons of talented musicians. It was a really great experience. It was my first real festival.

This week I have taken a break from oil painting and I have been working with watercolour again. I love working with watercolour. The water makes it so fluid and fun to paint with. It is also really fun to work with transparencies. I think I have learned a lot from oil about colour, and it is great applying that new knowledge to watercolours. I have a few paintings to post, and I will probably have one or two more by the ending of the week!


Ashley Jin Kim said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! heart longs to paint

Em Soden said...

Thanks Ashley!!!

We still need to have a day where we paint together!!