Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This month is totally flying by way too fast! I just turned 25 yesterday. Kind of crazy since I still feel no older than 19. We have had some interesting projects at school. I keep forgetting to take photos or scans when I do them. I managed to get some photos of a couple new pieces.

The first piece is an information illustration. We received a sheet of statistics and had to choose one to illustrate. I chose "Average number of credit cards per US household: 12.7". I did did my final piece in watercolour and ink. It was interesting to see how some of my classmates interpreted the same statistic and how differently they all came out. Mine was a much darker look at the debt and poverty caused by using money you don't even have. I am definitely happy with the way the piece came out.

This second piece was based on a fortune cookie. We each received fortune cookies and had to create a visual metaphor based on that fortune. My fortune was " You are sensitive to all that is going on around you."


Nick Vaughan Soden said...

I love the credit card drawing, and what it symbolizes,,,this could be in adbusters or something like that!!

newton64 said...

That is the best stunned baby yet.

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Love the illustrations! Absolutely love them, especially the first one. Nice work, Em! Keep it up!

Chase March said...

I like the fortune cookie illustrated metaphor. Good work!