Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reading week~

Today I slept in for the first time since school started. I mean really slept in. The kind of sleep where you aren't stressed out over projects. I think my body decided to catch up on seven weeks worth of lack of sleep in one go. I never sleep in past 10 or 11, and today it was until 1:30. Woke up with feelings of guilt over a day off half gone! An entire week of days off is ahead so I think it's ok.

Thinking of writing myself out a schedule so I actually plan my time well this week. I know with all the time off I might procrastinate my homework.

I finally got my printer/scanner up and running with this new computers. Windows Vista was giving me a hard time. So now I will be able to upload scans of art instead of photos of them since the photos really don't do them justice. This first scan still doesn't do it justice since the painting was way bigger than the scanner and I tried to piece it together in photoshop and it looks really patchy. hehehe. ah well. this was a three week painting for painting class. I am still getting used to acrylics. Its like this ongoing battle of trying to get the paint to work for me. It just doesn't flow the same way watercolour does.

We have a big still life painting to do at home and the option of doing it in oils! I cannot wait to start it this week!

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Andrew said...

hey em,

keep up the good work. i can relate to a lack of sleep. If you can find time to sleep, just enjoy it. And enjoy being (near) Toronto, i miss that town.